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Mandy Chamberlain is an Occupational Therapist and the founder of Seniors Flourish. Listen in to see how Mandy can help you be a better therapist and have a better business through her recommendations for treatment of adults and seniors.


If you join Mandy's Learning Lab using this link HERE you will receive my ebook ($40 value) on how to start a therapy practice for free. Just email me a screen shot of your purchase and I will send you the ebook. You must use the link provided on this page to get my ebook.



Mandy started the Seniors Flourish website and podcast after spending too much time searching around the internet to find reliable treatment ideas. In true entrepreneurial fashion she saw a need and filled the need. Her Seniors Flourish website now helps therapists like you know what to do when it comes to treatment.


Mandy is very active on social media. Be sure to follow her and subscribe to her podcast:


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