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Alex has a different kind of business. He is teaching workshops and consulting with clinics and other facilities about their sensory spaces. Check out his website Sensory Digest.


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Growing up in Michigan, Alex always knew he had a strong calling for helping others. While struggling with Sensory Processing Disorder himself, he knew that he wanted to help others dealing with the same obstacles he was facing everyday.


Not knowing what Sensory Processing Disorder was back then, Alex became his own therapist by exploring Sensory Integration inspired therapeutic activities. It was natural for him to not only help himself but also his friends and family. At a very young age Alex knew he would help people improve their quality of life while making it fun and therapeutic, and that is exactly what he is doing today!


Alex, his wife and two children live in Gig Harbor, Washington after living in Denver, Colorado for five years. His favorite activities are spending time with his family, and exploring the Pacific Northwest!

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