Start A Therapy Practice Podcast

I have received many questions from therapists that I want to present in this Podcast episode. I bring my wife Jennifer on to help out. Be sure and listen all the way to the end because I tell you what I do when doctors call me wanting information quickly about a client we serve. You will definitely want to scroll to the end of this post at for some great links that I mention in the podcast and a picture of the marketing poster I mentioned.

Here are the topics we cover:

  • Marketing poster and the QR code used on it
  • What to do when the doc calls needing fast information on a client
  • Shark Tank and the Entrepreneur Therapist
  • How to let a client know you are tired of sitting in poop in their house
  • Automatically be informed when Medicaid or Insurance is accepting new providers
  • What type of screenings my clinic does and what I recommend
  • What to do if a client switches providers and brings their previous evaluation report to you for treatment
  • What insurance providers are doing now with Prior Authorizations
  • Do you rent your therapy gym for events such as birthday parties?
  • What to do when a client doesn't pay for your services
  • Sissy Dog and Miss Kitty
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