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When I first read about Angela Hanscom and her Timbernook camps I thought here is an OT after my own heart.  She really thinks out of the box and has been super creative with her private practice.  She has developed a business that is not the typical private practice business model.
Then I learned that she helps other therapists do the same thing and she now has a growing business.  At that point I reached out to her to see if she would join me in a podcast.
She licenses her outdoor camp to other therapists and professionals so that they can run one in their own geographical area, wherever that may be. She provides a turn key, start to finish package that others can use.
Here is what you will learn:
  • How she started
  • She didn't start with a business in mind - rather service to others
  • How she sets up a camp
  • How she scaled her idea to a business
  • The therapy philosophy of Timbernook camps
  • Why Timbernook camps sell out so fast
  • Where Timbernook camps can be hosted - No you don't need to own 20 acres of land
  • What  her Timbernook core business team looks like
  •  How she put her family first and worked her business around that priority

Thanks for listening,
Scott Harmon

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