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Dillen Hartley is an Occupational Therapist and Co-Owner with Niel Visser, PT of Advanced Therapy Solutions which has 4 outpatient Physical and Occupational Therapy clinics and building number 5. Dillen is also a presenter for the certification course of Interactive Metronome and Interactive Listening Systems. He is also Co-owner of the Development Learning Institute which is a web-based language, reading and learning program for children and parents.

Dillen had somewhat of a slow start as a small child but has more than overcome that. He received Occupational Therapy as a child which began his interest in becoming an OT. Dillen is from South Africa and came to the states as a travel therapist and now resides in South Carolina.

What you will learn:

  • How his time working for other companies paid off when starting his own practice

  • How his business launched and acquired start-up money

  • How they performed their market analysis for their geographical area before they started their practice

  • How he and his partner transitioned from their full-time job to private practice

  • How his business re-invented itself after 10 years

  • How important personal mentorship is

  • How his practice decreases therapist turnover in the therapists they hire 

  • How to create a positive and healthy work atmosphere

  • How to market to a client once they are on the caseload

  • The different EMR's they have used and what they use now

  • How they operate their billing

  • How they went from almost 20% cancellation rate to under 10% 

  • How the market their practice - So many tips here 

  • Books that Dillen recommends

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Jeanine has been in private practice for over 30 years and has even written a very helpful book titled The Small Patient Practice: A Beginners Guide to Starting a Pediatric PT, OT or SLP Solo Practice. 

Jeanine has been a physical therapist in multiple states in the U.S. which gives her a unique insight into how therapy is conducted, billed and paid under different state systems.

After her active duty as a Physical Therapist in the Air Force she began her private practice in the Early Intervention (EI) system.


Here is what you will learn:

  • How she stumbled upon private practice by wanting to serve her local community

  • What motivated her to write her book: The Small Patient Practice

  • How to "get the coding right"

  • How she bills insurance companies

  • The main source she accessed to learn about billing regulations

  • How she aquired therapists to work for her

  • How she paid her therapists

  • Her best marketing tool

  • The importance of reading books about business

  • How she worked in Spain for a year and how you could too

  • The book that helped her realize how important her time is

  • Why you should not go cheapskate on educating yourself about running a small business

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