Start A Therapy Practice Podcast

Stacy Menz is a pediatric Physical Therapist in the San Francisco bay area. She owns and operatesStar Fish Therapies which provides Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy. 


Here is what we cover:

  • Her path to private practice

  • How she initially found private practice clients

  • How the Early Intervention program works in her state

  • How Stacy does marketing

  • Her referral sources

  • How her therapists write progress notes

  • What EMR she is using

  • How she does billing

  • How and why she does group classes

Be sure to check out the website for links we mention

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Paul Gough is a Physical Therapist / Physiotherapist who has been in private practice since 2007. Paul currently has 4 clinics in the UK.


The is where he helps other PT’s in the United States and UK market their private practice directly to potential clients in a systemized and unique way.


Here is what we cover:

  • The private practice marketing golden rule

  • Paul’s cash based private practices

  • How to cure a stagnate private practice

  • How to find potential clients

  • How to follow up with potential clients

  • Tools Paul uses to market his private practices


Links - Paul's consulting website where he helps other PT's market their private practice
- Paul's private practice clinics website


Paul's Youtube Channel


Infusionsoft - The email marketing tool that Paul uses for marketing his practice


Convertkit - The email marketing tool that Scott uses for marketing his practice (affiliate link)


Mailchimp - Another email marketing tool


Survey MonkeySurvey software to survey potential clients or anyone else


Schedule Once - Scheduling software Scott uses


Book - Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuite of Less


Book - Predictably Irrational - The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions


Book - The 4 Hour Work Week


Book - Getting Everything You Can Out of All You've Got: 21 Ways You Can Out-Think, Out Perform, and Out Earn the Competition


Dan Kennedy Marketing Books




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Jeff Stepen has his own app that he recently created called The Social Bunch App that helps kids with social communication difficulties.


He also has a podcast where he talks with therapists about what is going on in the industry of therapy.


Jeff is in private practice part time and works full time in a public school.


Here is what we cover:

  • What it takes to build an App - Time and Money

  • How his private practice has changed over time

  • How he markets his private practice

  • Software he uses to run his private practice

  • His Podcast - Conversations In Speech

  • Podcasts he listens to


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Dr. Jarod Carter is a Physical Therapist with a Cash PT practice. He also has a website a podcast and E-books that help other therapists start and run a Cash PT business.


Here is what we cover:

  • How he decided to start a Cash PT practice

  • How he grew his speech therapy business

  • Who to network with to boost your marketing

  • The right way to network locally

  • The types of clients and diagnosis he treats

  • How clients find him now

  • How he uses video to market his practice

  • How he bills his clients

  • How he found a part time assistant for his front office

  • How he writes progress notes

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Debra Young is an Occupational Therapist and a certified specialist in environmental modifications, aging in place and assistive technology. Her business, EmpowerAbility, helps homeowners, renters, assisted living communities, builders, remodelers, architects, city planners, interior designers, state agencies and more to create a functional living and working space for those who are disabled.


Here is what we cover:

  • How she got into the home modification business

  • How you can get into the home modification business

  • What certifications you need and how to get them

  • How she finds clients

  • Where to find Request For Proposals RFP's for home modifications

  • The role a mentor played in the building of her business

  • Her webinars that she does for potential clients

  • Her webinars that she does for therapists who want to do home modifications

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I have had the privilege of knowing Paul Potter for some time now. I have learned a lot from him in a mastermind group which we are both a part of.  He has truly inspired me with his integrity, goal setting and desire to serve others.


Paul is a physical therapist and mentor who lives in Nebraska with his wife, who is also a therapist. They have four grown daughters. For more than 35 years he successfully managed his own private practice.


He authored the book

On Fire: Ignite Your Passion with a Cash Therapy Practice.


He helps therapists fulfill their calling and create their dream practice at his website and his Functional Freedom podcast.


Here is what we cover:

  • Mindset and Marketing
  • Relationship marketing
  • The cash based practice and thought processes
  • Therapy and private practice as a noble calling
  • The future of therapy delivery and healthcare
  • The freedom of owning a private practice
  • Leaving a legacy
  • The 3 key areas Paul likes to help therapists with
  • Healthcare consolidation - Newspaper article from Scott's local newspaper


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Fran Dicari is in the business of speech therapy. He has a background in business and marketing. His sister is a speech therapist. They put their heads together and started which is both a speech therapy private practice and a franchise that other therapists can buy into.

Here is what we cover:

  • The number one marketing tool that Fran uses
  • How he doubled his clients
  • The right way to market to potential clients
  • The importance of measuring and tracking your marketing efforts
  • Why Fran decided to franchise his practice
  • What therapists get from the Kidmunicate franchise
  • Recommended business books
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While this episode is geared toward the therapist who is considering opening a private practice, I know that therapists who already have a private practice will come away with many future action items for their utility belt too.  So listen in one and all.


What if you knew what to do before you started your private practice to ensure the success of that practice? What if you had super heroes waiting to help you out along the way?


Many therapists sort of wing it from the time they conceive of starting a private practice. Sure they may get the obvious tasks done like creating a Facebook page, visiting the doctors, taking out a loan, and renting a large space, but they may not get to some very important tasks which actually work to ensure the practice is going to be around for more than a year.


By the way, the obvious tasks I mentioned above often don't make a dimes worth of difference or in the case of taking out a loan and renting a large space may actually bankrupt you.


What if you knew what worked? Would you be compelled to do it? Before you answer yes you might want to listen to what I have to say. Don't blow off these suggestions or pick and choose which ones you want to follow. I am giving you a recipe for success. Change the ingredients and your success pie might come out looking like a pile of goo.


Don't forget to download the FREE Action Item Checklist to put on your fridge as a reminder of how to be successful.


Click Here To Get Checklist




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The Dudes Abide

So who are the Dudes?


Russell Cross is a speech therapist from the UK and works with the Prentke Romich Company whom he has been with since 1995. He is the owner of a number of US patents and his research interests are in corpus linguistics, machine syntax and assistive technology.


Chip Clarke is a speech therapist who has been in the assistive technology arena since 1989. Chip started a private practice called Asistive Technology Works, Inc which has now evolved into an AAC equipment distributor. Chip also consults with Prentke Romich.


The Speech Dudes website introduces them as Dude 1 and Dude 2 with a tag line that reads "The Edgy Side of Speech Pathology; sharp, profane, but never dull."


Reminiscent of Thing 1 and Thing 2 from Dr. Seuss, these two guys like to have fun.  I had a great time talking to them.


Their blog,, has been featured in the ASHA Leader magazine. The dudes describe the blog as a stream of consciousness.


 Here is some of what we cover:

  • How to fund AAC devices

  • Who needs to be in on an AAC eval? OT and Speech, Speech only?

  • Are the report requirements different for private practices versus a hospital or other facility

  • Eye gaze technology and AAC communication - What's coming

  • Difference between communication Apps and something more professional like Prenke Romich

  • Dude Notes - Recommendations by the Speech Dudes

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Barbara Kornlau has many irons in the fire. She is currently a professor at Florida A&M college, an experienced attorney, the founder and CEO of the Coalition for Disability Health Equity, and a consultant. Here is just a sampling of her certifications and accomplishments:



Be sure to check out her Linkedin page to see all of her accomplishments.


Here is what we cover:

  • Why she studied law and became a lawyer after receiving her OT degree

  • How she got into private practice

  • How she aquired contracts to provide therapy for new nursing homes

  • Her private practice experience and what she would do differently given the chance

  • Her advice for private practice partnerships

  • Her advice on what to do before you begin your private practice

  • How to find a good attorney - What questions to ask them to see if they are right for you

  • What to have that lawyer look at

  • Her thoughts on Direct Access

  • When you need a prescription and when you don't

  • A BIG marketing idea to get self pay clients

  • Her thoughts on keeping your on-line records and email safe

  • Her thoughts on the future of the Affordable Healthcare Act


Links Barbara is a CEU course presenter there

Office of Nation Coordinator - HIPAA - Get on their mailing list HERE

PCORI research

Barbara's email



Is Centralized Medicine Good?

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Dr. Frederick B. Covington, OTD, is an Occupational Therapist, award winning inventor, lecturer and author. Following his graduation from Howard University, he began his career as an Occupational Therapist. His areas of expertise include pediatrics, school based intervention, autism, developmental disabilities, physical disability and dysfunction, technology and geriatrics. Holistic patient care is at the center of his practice.  His mantra is "treat the individual, not the diagnosis."

 Dr. Covington has grown his practice by marketing his expertise. He has appeared on radio shows speaking about childcare and development which gives him the opportunity to mention his private practice. His days spent as a professional musician has taught him how to promote himself and his practice.


 What We Cover:

  • How he works being a private pay cash based therapy provider

  • How he deals with insurance companies

  • How he researches the competition

  • The Youtube videos that have propelled his practice

  • Why he researches current events, studies and technology more than reading business books to help his practice

  • His IOT Session App which helps work on FM, Visual skills and handwriting.

  • How he developed his iOT app

  • How he marketed his app

  • His therapeutic music program - Therakey

  • His special project for the AOTA conference that will be shown there

  • What he did to get publishers to ask him to write a book

  • His positive influence on inner city youth and fathers


For the past decade Dr. Covington has honed his skills in the Washington, DC, Virginia, and Maryland areas by providing private/residential occupational therapy evaluations, school occupational therapy services, adaptive equipment assessments and safety/ergonomic home modifications. In addition, Dr. Covington has been recognized for his pediatric treatment methods for individuals with intellectual impairments, behavioral problems, ADHD, OCD, sensory integration deficits, learning disabilities and executive functional disorders. Having a passion for technology, Dr. Covington has developed multiple iPad, Kindle and Windows Mobile applications.

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Julie Entwistle is an Occupational Therapist who is a partner at EntwistlePower Occupational Therapy. She has grown her practice rather organically which has made it strong and successful. Julie's practice sees somewhere around 500 clients currently.


Julie, like most private practice owners, felt a disconnect when she was "working for the man" in big industry therapy. She says the company she as working for seemed to be working for the insurance companies and not those clients they were treating. 


After maternity leave (Julie has 4 children) friends began to ask her when she was going to go into business for herself. They told her "What do you have to lose." It was a question she took seriously.


Julie realized she had nothing to lose and much to gain by going into private practice. She didn't even have to let some of her referral sources know about her thoughts, they asked her when they could refer clients. 


Her solid reputation and hard "get it done" work ethic preceded her to the point that referral sources sought her out to treat their clients. 


Here is what we cover:

  • How she manages her practice

  • Why it is important to pay attention to government legislation

  • Why it pays to be ethical and responsible

  • Why she is trying to diversify her practice

  • Where she treats clients

  • Who her referral sources are

  • How she markets her practice

  • How she uses her website to generate referrals

  • How she uses videos that she creates to market her practice

  • What types of equipment she uses

  • What software she uses for paperwork

  • What she uses to invoice her clients

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In this podcast I give 5 actionable tips that you can implement right now to help your private practice.


I have taken a short break from producing a podcast due to a new addition to my family. My wife and I had a baby a couple of weeks ago and the little bundle of joy has taken all of my extra time, but that is ok. I enjoy each of my children and they are a great motivation for me as an entrepreneur and to help other entrepreneurs. My actions in this realm do not go unnoticed by my children and my efforts are a great lesson for them. So, with that said, I appreciate your patience with my hiatus but let's get back to the task at hand.


Any time I put out information about marketing a private practice it gets a lot of attention. I am not deluded to think that you and everyone else is waiting with baited breath for my marketing tips. I think small business owners will read and should read all they can on marketing. I know I do.



Here are the 5 marketing tips

  • Website - Yes more website tips because your website is important

  • Video - Simple how to tips on creating a marketing video for your practiceGood Postcard

  • Facebook - How to be helpful and market your practice at the same time

  • Google Adwords - How I use my Google marketing dollar

  • Postcards - Sometimes old school is the best school. I tell you how to use a postcard for marketing

There are a couple of themes within these tips and with all marketing for that matter.

  1. What are your competitors or other similar businesses doing?

  2. Are you capturing your great ideas?


I continue to develop my attention to detail when it comes to how my competition or similar businesses market themselves. I try and notice this in my geographical surroundings and in the on line world. In this podcast I dive a little deeper into how I do that.


Once you start noticing these marketing details you must be capturing them in order to re-visit them for future use. I have mentioned that I use Evernote to do this and I cannot suggest enough that you do the same.


I would love to know your thoughts about how to market a private practice. What is working for you? Have you tried any of the suggestions I give in this podcast?

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