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Barbara Kornlau has many irons in the fire. She is currently a professor at Florida A&M college, an experienced attorney, the founder and CEO of the Coalition for Disability Health Equity, and a consultant. Here is just a sampling of her certifications and accomplishments:



Be sure to check out her Linkedin page to see all of her accomplishments.


Here is what we cover:

  • Why she studied law and became a lawyer after receiving her OT degree

  • How she got into private practice

  • How she aquired contracts to provide therapy for new nursing homes

  • Her private practice experience and what she would do differently given the chance

  • Her advice for private practice partnerships

  • Her advice on what to do before you begin your private practice

  • How to find a good attorney - What questions to ask them to see if they are right for you

  • What to have that lawyer look at

  • Her thoughts on Direct Access

  • When you need a prescription and when you don't

  • A BIG marketing idea to get self pay clients

  • Her thoughts on keeping your on-line records and email safe

  • Her thoughts on the future of the Affordable Healthcare Act


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Is Centralized Medicine Good?

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