Start A Therapy Practice Podcast

Nate Kloosterman was the second therapist to buy my ebook How to Start and Run a Therapy Practice. I was flattered when he contacted me in the early stages of starting his therapy practice to bounce some ideas off of me.


Have a listen and see how Nate has created a brick and mortar PT practice that is holistic in its approach and personal in its service. I really like what he is doing.


Nate is offering a health coaching system as part of his wellness program at his clinic and he is willing to help other therapists implement a turnkey Health Coaching program similar to his. Just email him at


Nate is a family man with great faith and is just an all-around great guy.



Physio Point Therapy – Nate’s practice


OT Potential – Products and resources for OT’s (Check out the cool T-shirts)


ASHA On-line conference: Growing a Thriving Private Practice – Scott is a sponsor


Here is what we cover:

  • His initial expectations of private practice. What he got right and wrong


  • How he transitioned from working for someone else full time to private practice


  • How he markets now to find new patients


  • What’s his competition like


  • What EMR he uses


  • His holistic approach to therapy


  • His other treatment techniques

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