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St. Nicholas was a real person. Here's a little bit of history and how it applies to you as the owner of a therapy practice.


You can learn more about the real St. Nick here





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Mandy Chamberlain MOTR/L has over 15 years experience working in a variety of diverse settings including home health, outpatient, SNF and inpatient.


She shares therapy ideas and resources through her website, and the Seniors Flourish Podcast. She has also developed a membership for OT practitioners and students to help with mentorship and streamline evidence-based therapy with resources and treatment ideas.


Mandy is passionate about helping OT practitioners and students be the best they can be when working with older adults.

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Therapy Biz Blitz - Stories, tips and insights to improve your private practice game in about 10 minutes. As I go about my day I record thoughts that are going to make you better at life and private practice. It's like Instagram stories in audio format.
Follow on me on Instagram and Facebook. My handle is Star aTherapyPractice - Go to the website for free tools, actionable articles and videos -  ebook, Academy.
The moment you chose to start a therapy practice you chose to play a significantly larger game than any game you've played before. 
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Jeremy Sutton has owned a private, insurance-based clinic since 2015 with his wife. Listen and learn what he thinks about buying an existing practice compared to starting from scratch. We also talk about why he has taken the approach of being a “servant” to his clients and how he does that.


Connect with Jeremy on Facebook and Instagram


Be sure to listen and subscribe to his podcast The Servant PT Podcast where he shines light on other servant leaders! Jeremy is also the author of “Symptom Free Neck”. His PT business serves women over 50, but he also has a passion for helping other professionals who are recovering from anger and burnout!  #Keepmovingforward


Other Links Mentioned:


Heno EMR


Dave Ramsey Financial Program

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Paul Potter has been a mentor of mine since I stepped into the world of helping others like you start and run a therapy business. In this episode Paul teaches you how to have conversations that will help you gain trust and get more referrals.


 Get Paul’s FREE 5 step guide by clicking HERE


Paul Potter is a physical therapist and mentor who lives in Lincoln, Nebraska, with his wife, who is also a therapist. They have four daughters. For more than 35 years, he successfully managed his own private practice. He now shares his knowledge and experience through teaching and mentoring therapists who want to have their own practices. His website helps therapists achieve professional and financial freedom. Connect with Paul on his website or on LinkedIn

Stories, tips and insights to improve your private practice game in about 10 minutes. As I go about my day I record thoughts that are going to make you better at life and private practice. 
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When I saw that Dr. Kavitha Krishnan had both written a book and opened a private practice in the same year I wanted to get her on the podcast. Anyone who can pull either one of those off has something to teach us.



Kavitha had been an Occupational Therapist for a little over 20 years before she opened her own therapy business. Learn how she got started and her advice for you and your future therapy business.


Dr. Krishnana has turned 20 years of research and practice into a practical book called


The SI Solution: The Definitive Family Guide To Thriving During Sensory Integration Dysfunction.


Use promo code  StartaPractice  for a special discount

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Stories, tips and insights to improve your private practice game. 
Thoughtful snippets that are raw and encouraging in 10 minutes or less
Think of it as Instagram stories for your earbuds
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This podcast episode covers how and why to create a client persona. A client persona is simply a story you create about your potential clients. This will help you discover and target your marketing message to people who are in need of your therapy services whether they know it or not.


This exercise is what is called business 101 so don’t skip over it. You should continue to think about who your potential clients are and how best to reach them. 


Nothing happens until something happens so take action and download the free client persona form HERE.

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Greg Todd is going to get you pumped up in this episode. He's a go getter and it's going to rub off on you. If you're not already following Greg on social media I highly suggest you do so. 


Greg is the co-owner of Renewal Rehabilitation in Wesley Chapel and Hyde Park. Greg serves as a consultant to over 12 medical and technology companies. He also lectures at universities and business seminars. 


Be sure to check out Greg's website where he has all kinds of free stuff to help you with your therapy practice. 

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What's the best way to take and process a credit card payment? On this episode Tom Cooley of Card Connect and I discuss the rules and best practices. 


Be sure to download the free Card of File Template and check out the special offer that Card Connect has for your therapy business.

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Tomeico Faison is the owner of Therapeutic Solutions in North Carolina. She started her therapy business by performing a market analysis to see what needs were going unmet in her area. Listen in and learn how Tomeico launched and grew her practice.


If you would like to schedule a FREE consultation with Tomeico check out

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