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How can we Market ourselves to this potential Market? I think First we have to point out the difficulties that this new technology will bring. We can start creating innovation of how to merge the technology with a real physical activity.  I think that that's a perfect place for a therapist to be. It's the internet of things. IOT
Can we capitalize on how the overwhelming lure of technology is going to cause real health and mental problems? Maybe real life activities like planting a garden that's a real activity that therapist can engage in with their clients with their potential clients. That's where I'm challenging you as therapists to engage our future therapy. 
Therapists must point out the pitfalls with the technology and merge the technology with real-world activities. A lot of this is about accountability. Can we help our clients be accountable to what we're assigning them with their goals to break away from the technology?
Can we help our patients have a healthy interface with the technology? How are we going to help them be accountable with that? That's a therapist role. That's a niche for you as a therapist in private practice.
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