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My therapy business has been providing therapy for children in daycare's since 2006. When I first graduated OT school, I took a job with a developmental daycare that was in 1997. So for over 20 years, I've had something to do with therapy in a preschool, and I've learned a ton.
I created a course on how to get more daycare clients. Now, what's interesting here is when a therapist figures out my system of how to get more daycare clients they want to go Hung-Ho, all in to get as many daycare's on board with their private practice at the same time, but this is a mistake.
What I recommend in my course is that certainly you can approach multiple daycares at the same time to see if they're willing to work with you but once one of those daycares agrees to work with you, go with just that one. Focus on that one day care and if anybody else comes online interested in working with you ask them to wait just a little bit because you're busy. You've got another day care that you're trying to provide this service for.
Now that seems a little bit counter intuitive.  Why don't I get as many kids as many daycares as many preschools online at the same time? Here's the reason. You're going to overextend yourself and you're going to get too busy. You're going to stretch yourself too thin when you're trying to do all this good stuff for multiple locations. You're going to fail, you're going to slip and those daycares are going to notice.  Once they notice they're going to think, "well, this therapist is really slacking" and they're not going to invite you back. You don't want to burn that bridge. That's why you want to do one at a time. Do a good job at that one place all the way through before you go to the next day care.
So my advice to you is to not stretch yourself too thin. Don't promise the world to these different daycares that you can make this happen for their daycare because if you don't have the time to allocate to all these different facilities the daycare is not going to invite you back and that's going to ruin your reputation in your area. And guess what?  You live and die by your reputation in the world of business. Focus on one daycare. Do it really well from start to end. 
I have a course on how to get more daycare clients. I show you exactly how to do this. I give you all the tools that I use  and walk you through and help you follow through with it. 
Go over to You can sign up for this course. It's a live course. It's a multi lesson course. I have to limit enrollment because it's live and I want to make sure that I give good attention to each of the therapist who attend Go to 
If you have any questions, let me know. Alright until next time Godspeed to you and your practice.
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For more information about the course on how to get more daycare clients
A live multi lesson course with step by step instructions and tools. 
Whether you already have a private practice or want to start one.
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Sign up for the course on how to do this at

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