Start A Therapy Practice Podcast

I coaxed my wife Jennifer into the cloffice (that's part closet part office) to sit down for an interview.  You have heard of the better half, well she is more than that to me.  If you so desire you can go to this post and see a lovely picture of Jennifer and I.  She is the one that makes it lovely, not I.

In this interview you will hear her take on the following:

What type of personality traits do you need to run a private practice

What she thinks are the best marketing tools that we use

How to start off

How to choose a location

Opening a therapy practice is hard work but worth it

What our kids have learned from our private practice

There may be a funny blooper or two placed after the music at the end

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Ideas of where to do therapy without owning or renting a physical location. Also tips I learned from my recent presentation. I also throw in a productivity tip and ask your help with a survey that you can learn a lot from.

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