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I coaxed my wife Jennifer into the cloffice (that's part closet part office) to sit down for an interview.  You have heard of the better half, well she is more than that to me.  If you so desire you can go to this post and see a lovely picture of Jennifer and I.  She is the one that makes it lovely, not I.

In this interview you will hear her take on the following:

What type of personality traits do you need to run a private practice

What she thinks are the best marketing tools that we use

How to start off

How to choose a location

Opening a therapy practice is hard work but worth it

What our kids have learned from our private practice

There may be a funny blooper or two placed after the music at the end

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Ideas of where to do therapy without owning or renting a physical location. Also tips I learned from my recent presentation. I also throw in a productivity tip and ask your help with a survey that you can learn a lot from.

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006 Therapy Private Practice Marketing and Referrals - Part 1

This is the first podcast episode about marketing and referrals for your private practice. I have also created a downloadable PDF file that further explains marketing and getting more referrals for your private practice.

Some of what you will learn in this podcast:

  • Who the most important person is in your marketing plan
  • What to do if you are just starting
  • People you need to market to
  • The most important type of person to be when marketing
  • What to put on your business card
  • What to put in your brochure
  • Who is your target audience
  • Social Media marketing
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The Affordable Healthcare Act or Obamacare will affect everything in the next few years and it is not going away.

Here is what you will learn in this Podcast

  • What I learned at little known Healthcare meetings
  • What are Medical Homes
  • Who are the people pulling the strings in this system
  • What to expect as a consumer
  • What to expect as a doctor
  • What to expect as a therapist
  • Will reimbursement rates go down
  • Will my insurance premium go up
  • What steps can I take now
  • Concierge and Cashed Based Medicine


A quote I found regarding medical homes in AR--they were talking about adding hip and knee replacement and congestive heart failure but of course these quotes will apply to all.

(1) The type or types of small businesses that will be directly affected by the proposed rule, bear
the cost of the proposed rule, or directly benefit from the proposed rule. Health Care providers providing services for conditions covered under episodes included in the Arkansas Health Care Payment Improvement Initiative.
A description of how small businesses will be adversely affected. Some health care providers may benefit from the episode performance payment model, while those providing services that do not meet certain cost and quality standards will see reduced provider revenue. Impact to any individual provider will depend on the provider's behavior and performance.

go to this link and when you see "want more details on changing Medicaid regulations" pop up in the window that changes.

* The federal government has promised to pay the full cost of expansion until 2017. By 2020, states would shoulder 10 percent of the costs.
    Medical home explanation with links. For them
Wikipedia explanation of Medical Homes
US Department of Health and Human Services Medical Home explanation
Wisconsin Medical Homes
North Carolina Medical Homes
Medical Home Implementation by State by the American Academy of Pediatrics
Health Care Reform and Medical Homes at the American Academy of Pediatrics Website
American College of Physicians
      Helps doctors understand and set up a Medical Home. Lots of info here
Deloitte Center for Health Solutions Study on Medical Homes
Concierge Doctor
    Doctors can join to do this here
Wikipedia - Concierge Medicine
Concierge Medicine Journal
     Good blog to subscribe to keep updated on
Direct Access Laws per Physical Therapy
   Proposed changes in the Hippocratic oath...Scary stuff from Physicians for Reform
Video of the Arkansas Health Connector to the Health Exchange - Created by Arkansas Department of Health
Government Seeking Inclusion of "Social and Behavior Data in Health Records" Article

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What You Will Learn in this Podcast:

  • Specifics of what you need in a treatment note
  • How to set up a treatment note template
  • What notes need to have in case of an audit
  • How to minimize time writing notes
  • Why you need to stop handwriting notes
  • Why, as a newbie independent clinician,  you don't need to pay monthly fees to a note writing software companies

Links Mentioned

Scott's Therapy Note

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Tasks and activities that a therapist needs to start doing and thinking about whether you want to start a private practice today or years down the road

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In this Start a Therapy Practice Podcast. I walk you through our insurance billing process and give you definition of terms and billing tips to get started

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This is a brief launch episode where I introduce myself and give some background of how I got started with my private practice and grew it into two brick and mortar clinics. I also let you know what to expect in future episodes. 

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