Start A Therapy Practice Podcast

Dr. Karen Crilly is a physical therapist who owns and operates Casa Care Pediatric Therapy which is a brick and mortar private practice in North Carolina.


Karen has been a PT for 17 years.  She worked in a variety of settings before opening her private practice, the last of which was a women's and children's hospital as the lead PT.


 Some of what we cover:


  • How she started small and smart with no debt

  • How she did a business plan

  • How she did a market analysis

  • How her practice differed from the competition in her area

  • How she wanted to start cash only but was not able to

  • How she marketed her practice in the beginning

  • What she found worked best with marketing

  • The class she gives to the community that helps her marketing and revenue generation

  • How she does billing to insurance

  • What she uses to process credit cards and what Scott recommends

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Paul Potter is a physical therapist who has been in private practice for over 30 years. His practice specializes in manual orthopedic rehabilitation and medical fitness programs for special populations. I spoke to Paul when he was in the process of selling his practice in order to go on a different adventure in his life: helping other PT's start and run their own therapy practice.

Paul has his own podcast called the Functional Freedom Podcast where he interviews other leaders on practice issues and strategies to facilitate the professional effectiveness of therapists.


Paul gives an awesome marketing tip that generates almost an

80% conversion rate of prospective customers to actual customers.

You can download the tool he uses to do this for free in the show links below.


In the world of start ups, having a mentor is essential. Paul had strong mentors early in his career, and now he is offering his services for mentor-ship.

Paul's motto is "win the day and finish strong." Listen in to this episode and learn more!


Here is some of what we cover:

  • How Paul started slow and small

  • Why it is important to have a specific niche

  • How to determine your niche

  • Timeless principals of marketing a practice

  • The importance of relationships in your marketing strategy

  • What to do about your competition

  • How to pick up business skills to start and run your practice

  • How to get more referrals

  • Tracking referrals - how and why

  • Paul's gold star referral generating tool that has an 80% conversion and get it for free below

  • Paul's PT Pad App that he developed to help PT's do their job faster and better

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