Start A Therapy Practice Podcast

In this podcast I give 5 actionable tips that you can implement right now to help your private practice.


I have taken a short break from producing a podcast due to a new addition to my family. My wife and I had a baby a couple of weeks ago and the little bundle of joy has taken all of my extra time, but that is ok. I enjoy each of my children and they are a great motivation for me as an entrepreneur and to help other entrepreneurs. My actions in this realm do not go unnoticed by my children and my efforts are a great lesson for them. So, with that said, I appreciate your patience with my hiatus but let's get back to the task at hand.


Any time I put out information about marketing a private practice it gets a lot of attention. I am not deluded to think that you and everyone else is waiting with baited breath for my marketing tips. I think small business owners will read and should read all they can on marketing. I know I do.



Here are the 5 marketing tips

  • Website - Yes more website tips because your website is important

  • Video - Simple how to tips on creating a marketing video for your practiceGood Postcard

  • Facebook - How to be helpful and market your practice at the same time

  • Google Adwords - How I use my Google marketing dollar

  • Postcards - Sometimes old school is the best school. I tell you how to use a postcard for marketing

There are a couple of themes within these tips and with all marketing for that matter.

  1. What are your competitors or other similar businesses doing?

  2. Are you capturing your great ideas?


I continue to develop my attention to detail when it comes to how my competition or similar businesses market themselves. I try and notice this in my geographical surroundings and in the on line world. In this podcast I dive a little deeper into how I do that.


Once you start noticing these marketing details you must be capturing them in order to re-visit them for future use. I have mentioned that I use Evernote to do this and I cannot suggest enough that you do the same.


I would love to know your thoughts about how to market a private practice. What is working for you? Have you tried any of the suggestions I give in this podcast?

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