Start A Therapy Practice Podcast

Jeff Stepen has his own app that he recently created called The Social Bunch App that helps kids with social communication difficulties.


He also has a podcast where he talks with therapists about what is going on in the industry of therapy.


Jeff is in private practice part time and works full time in a public school.


Here is what we cover:

  • What it takes to build an App - Time and Money

  • How his private practice has changed over time

  • How he markets his private practice

  • Software he uses to run his private practice

  • His Podcast - Conversations In Speech

  • Podcasts he listens to


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Dr. Jarod Carter is a Physical Therapist with a Cash PT practice. He also has a website a podcast and E-books that help other therapists start and run a Cash PT business.


Here is what we cover:

  • How he decided to start a Cash PT practice

  • How he grew his speech therapy business

  • Who to network with to boost your marketing

  • The right way to network locally

  • The types of clients and diagnosis he treats

  • How clients find him now

  • How he uses video to market his practice

  • How he bills his clients

  • How he found a part time assistant for his front office

  • How he writes progress notes

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Debra Young is an Occupational Therapist and a certified specialist in environmental modifications, aging in place and assistive technology. Her business, EmpowerAbility, helps homeowners, renters, assisted living communities, builders, remodelers, architects, city planners, interior designers, state agencies and more to create a functional living and working space for those who are disabled.


Here is what we cover:

  • How she got into the home modification business

  • How you can get into the home modification business

  • What certifications you need and how to get them

  • How she finds clients

  • Where to find Request For Proposals RFP's for home modifications

  • The role a mentor played in the building of her business

  • Her webinars that she does for potential clients

  • Her webinars that she does for therapists who want to do home modifications

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