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Paul Potter has been a personal friend of mine for some time now. Recently he and I hung out at the WebPT Ascend conference in Ft. Worth, Texas.


He tried to get me to sit on one of the live bulls in front of the Stock Yard rodeo arena. I’m from Arkansas. I let him know this wasn’t my first rodeo.


Paul knows what it’s like to begin a start-up for less than $100 when he lacked the necessary finances and self-confidence.


He experienced what it’s like to start all over when devastated by a life-threatening diagnosis.


After managing his own private practice for over 35 years Paul knows how valuable it is to have the support and guidance from family, friends and experienced mentors. 


Now he has created a course to help therapists start a cash practice. Click to check out Paul’s Cash Practice From Scratch Course.



Paul is a Physical Therapist who lives in Nebraska with his wife, who is also a PT. They have four daughters. For more than 35 years he successfully managed his own private practice. He now guides therapists on how to start up their own practice at his website and podcast.


Paul created the Cash Therapy Success Academy because he believes in the power and impact of therapy entrepreneurs creating small business. Therapy provided in large organizations is essential and make no mistake we need it. But the real magic begins with entrepreneurs – born with the unique gift to build successful businesses.


The Cash Therapy Success Academy exists to help entrepreneurs like you create a fulfilling and profitable practice for yourself and those you care about. We provide quality resources and training through courses, books, and coaching found on the blog and Cash Therapy Success Academy.






Cash Practice Tools & Resources - FREE 



Cash Practice From Scratch Book - First Chapter FREE



Take Paul's Therapy Biz Quiz - Are You Ready To Start A Therapy Biz?



Paul's Functional Freedom Podcast



Fun Testimonial Scott and Paul did for Tom Kruse PT 


FREE Chapter


Cash Practice From Scratch Course Description:


The Cash Practice From Scratch Course uses real world advice to help you quickly turn your practice idea into a viable niche practice. You’ll receive step-by-step guidance on starting a cash practice from scratch without spending boatloads of money.


The Cash Practice From Scratch Course will teach you another way to build your dream practice. Instead of spending thousands dollars and countless hours on setting up your business that you're not sure will work we take a different approach.


Instead of building your entire practice before you see your first patient you will create a practice pilot to discover what your ideal clients want from you and are willing to pay. You will learn how to build momentum for your practice launch will patients and key influencers who will support your launch.


The Cash Practice From Scratch Course is the best strategy to start your own business with the least amount of risk and cost. You’ll create a solid Pre-Launch foundation strategy and utilize only the essential business systems to get your practice off the ground fast.



Module One- Destination

  1. Who am I?

  2. Where have I been and where am going?

  3. Why do I want to go there?


Module Two- Mission Plan

  1. Who am I going to serve?

  2. How am I going to make their lives better?

  3. Is there a market?


Module Three- Launch Pad

  1. Who will support me?

  2. How will people find me?


Module Four- All Systems Are Go

  1. How do I run a business?


Module Five- Lift Off

  1. How do I get noticed?

  2. How do I make a profit?


Module Six- Outer Limits

  1. How do I provide exceptional value?

  2. How do I grow?



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Brandon Siegel joins Scott today to talk metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Between Brandon and Scott a ton of number crunching happens behind the private practice scenes.


Be sure to click on the Links button below to check out all we discussed.

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Kelly Ott has a Speech Therapy practice that is out of network with everyone.


Her practice is called Speech Pathology Services which is located in central Missouri. Listen in to see how she built her business and some unique ways she gets paid. 


Kelly and Lara Wakefield also have a website called S.M.A.R.T.E.R Steps that educates therapists on how they can achieve federal and state compliance while completing IEP’s. 

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Massage therapy was not Dave's first career choice. Dave is also an engineer. He spent his engineering days in Fortune 500 companies. Now he has his own full-time Massage Therapy business called Strategic Wellness Services.


After Dave received a fabulous massage treatment while on vacation he decided he wanted to offer the gift of massage treatment to others.  He became a licensed Massage Therapist and now offers massage treatments along with wellness and ergonomics to corporations.


Here is some of what we cover:

  • What social media to use for generating corporate contacts to generate leads.

  • What licensing/certificates/insurance/etc are needed to work in a corporate environment.

  • How to market your chair/table massage business with corporations.

  • How to hire/interview contractors/employees (licensed therapists) for corporations.

  • What specific services make sense to offer corporations (chair/table massage, ergonomics, etc).

  • How to retain corporate clients.

  • What is the difference between private vs corporate clients?

  • How to schedule corporate clients and keep them on the calendar.

  • When is the best time to market to corporate clients?

  • What are the Female vs male therapists in a corporate environment?

  • How he chose his practice name.

  • How to get free help from your local university business department.



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Verlencia Millet is the founder and owner of Herzel Speech Therapy near New Orleans, LA. She works full time in the school system and operates her private practice after school hours.


Verlencia is maximizing her website and blog to position herself as an authority in Speech Therapy in her geographical location.


Here is some of what we cover:

  • Why she decided to start a private practice

  • What steps she took to start a private practice

  • How she gets reimbursed for services

  • What type of parent education she provides

  • Some of the tools she uses in her practice

  • How and where she advertises

  • How she spreads the word about my private practice that’s meaningful

  • Her tips for speech-language pathologists/therapists who are considering starting a private practice


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Brandon is the Executive Director at Every Child Achieves & Wellness in southern California. For the past eight years, Brandon has been empowering an interdisciplinary team of over 100 therapists.


Brandon also guest lectures at therapy conferences and university therapy programs. Brandon comes from the business side of private practice. Listen in and I think you will agree that he is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the following subjects:



  • Scaling a practice the right way

  • Human Resource Guidelines

  • Contract vs Employee

  • Choosing which insurance to be in network with

  • Tracking outcomes and due dates

  • Why his practice stopped seeing adult clients

  • The future of therapy and healthcare

  • How to view the competition

  • What new practice owners should be aware of

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Melissa LaPointe is a pediatric occupational therapist, a social entrepreneur, a Restorative Exercise Specialist, an educator and a thought-leader in women’s health. From her private practice sprang Strong Beginnings, an innovative social enterprise based out of British Columbia, Canada.


She is applying new tools and approaches to work that government has traditionally done. This is a big reason I enjoyed hearing what Melissa is working on. People need more choices in healthcare.

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Alexis has spent some time working as a traveling therapist. From that experience, she was motivated to help other therapists and professionals to maximize their skillset to serve their clients more meaningfully.


You are going to want to connect with Alexis on Facebook and see what she is doing with Facebook Live to help you be a better therapist.


Links is where you can catch Alexis live video casting.


Instagram – Follow Alexis


If you would like to receive updates via email from Alexis about upcoming tools, courses and strategies click HERE.

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Letha Marchetti has a private practice in San Rafael, California. Listen in as Letha explains how her focus on trauma recovery and neurological disorders has propelled her practice.


Letha is also an author. Learn how she uses her book Dragons to Daisies to generate referrals and position herself as an authority. 


Here is what we cover:

  • How to approach referral sources to get referrals

  • How choosing a niche has propelled her practice

  • How her public speaking generates referrals

  • How she uses her book to generate referrals

  • Her training website

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Question from a practice owner: “What is the best way to approach a doctor to ask them to send me referrals?”


This is not the first time I have seen this question. First, I want to point out that the question is flawed. My answers, which I give in this podcast, are like President John F. Kennedy’s quote:  “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” Just insert “potential referral source” for the word “country.”


Be sure to track your efforts with my free networking spreadsheet.

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Joe Sanok is a mental health counselor. His private practice is in Michigan. Joe is also a business consultant, and podcaster.


Joe has the #1 podcast for private practice counselors and it's called The Practice of the Practice

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Gordy Rogers, a graduate of Yale and Columbia, is also ChiefScientific Officer of Articulate Technologies, Inc. the companybehind Speech Buddies™, the revolutionary system for treatingspeech disorders.


Gordy also helped create, the first onlineMarketplace for parents to find and book appointments with localspeech professionals. If your a Speech Therapist you can listyourself for free on to help potential clientsto find you.


Gordy is an internationally renowned speaker and expert onspeech disorders and a frequent contributor to industry-relatedconferences and peer-reviewed publications.

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I celebrated my 10th anniversary of private practice and the 50th episode of the podcast almost at the same time this month. It seemed a great reason to bring my family on to talk about private practice. 
My wife and I talk about the pros and cons of private practice when we first started and then as we grew. We also bring in our kids and ask them what they think of the family business. My dog even makes an appearance. 
At the end we give some details about The Academy of Private Practice which is were you can learn about how to start and grow a practice. There is nothing else like it in scope and in value.  
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Amberlynn Slavin is an Occupational Therapist and while in OT school she had an idea for an app to help kids with writing difficulties. Her husband Ben assisted her in finding someone to develop the SnapType app.


Listen in as they explain how they went from knowing nothing about creating an app to having the SnapType app in the app store with half a million downloads.


Here is what we cover:

  • How the idea of the app came about

  • Where they found an app developer

  • What the SnapType app does

  • How they spent only $300 to see if it would work

  • What they did to monetize the SnapType app

  • Tips for creating an app

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Sound Health Music, in San Diego is Kat Fulton’s private practice. She also has a continuing education website She has been a keynote speaker at conferences and is a team builder for Forturne 500 companies. Kat also helps people like you launch their expertise into the world profitably, practically, and successfully.


No matter what type of therapist you are, this podcast will give you insight and motivation to take your business and your skills to the next level. If you want to learn how to start a music therapy practice or any type of therapy practice this episode is a great place to start.


Here is what we cover:

  • How Kat became a Music Therapist

  • Why and how she started a private practice

  • How she juggled her practice and launching a continuing education website

  • How you can teach a course on Kat’s continuing education website

  • How to position and market yourself as an authority in your geographical area

  • How to pitch yourself to another authority like

  • How Kat marketed her new private practice location

  • What to have on your practice website

  • How to diversify your practice revenue stream

Check out the links we mention HERE

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Katie Schwartz is a Speech Therapist who has a private practice called Business Speech Improvement where she helps her clients communicate better in a corporate or business type of setting.


A few of the areas that she works on with her clients are:

  • Accent modification

  • Presentation skills

  • Rate of speech

  • Listening skills

  • Small talk strategies

  • And more.


Katie was also the founder and past president of Corporate Speech Pathology Network (CORSPAN) which is an international organization where members share ideas and client referrals.


Here is what we cover:

  • How Katie got started in executive coaching

  • How therapists can start an executive coaching business

  • Rules and regulations for therapists who want to treat across state lines

  • CORSPAN - Corporate Speech Pathology Network - What it is and how to join

  • What types of clients she treats

  • What a treatment session looks like

  • How she finds new clients


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Hallie Bulkin is a Speech Therapist and founder of Little Sprout Speech Therapy in the Maryland/DC area.

She wrote an article in the ASHA Leader Magazine about having a baby while owning a private practice. Hallie also produces short instructional videos to promote her private practice.


Here is what we cover:

  • How she coordinated having a baby while still running her private practice

  • Personal service comes before everything

  • What she learned from her time working for the state agencies

  • What EMR she uses and why

  • Where she does most of her on line marketing

  • How to find therapist to hire

  • How Hallie conducts an interview

  • Why and How she creates therapy videos

  • The products she sells through her website



 Hallie's article in ASHA Leader Magazine

Hallie's Facebook Page

Contact Hallie

Little Sprout Speech - Hallie's private practice website

Little Sprout TV - Hallie's videos


Books Hallie Recommended

Eat That Frog 

The Magic of Thinking Big (This is on Scott's must read list)

Entreleadership by Dave Ramsey

Failing Forward by John Maxwell


The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell


Psycho-cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz


Lean In by Sheryl Sandburg


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Dr. Joe Simon is a Physical Therapist who has been in private practice for over 15 years. He also has a website and podcast that helps other healthcare professional with their private practice. The Private Practice Business Academy was created to help healthcare professionals (Doctors, Dentists, Physical Therapists, Massage Therapists) with business strategies, marketing , staff training etc... Be sure to check out the links below.


Here is what we cover:

  • How Joe got started in private practice

  • His take on being a cash based practice

  • What Joe learned by working for other private practice owners

  • Systems and automation to grow your practice

  • Hiring staff and therapists

  • How to get more clients

  • His Private Practice MBA book

  • What he did the year he lost both his house and practice in a hurricane

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