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While this episode is geared toward the therapist who is considering opening a private practice, I know that therapists who already have a private practice will come away with many future action items for their utility belt too.  So listen in one and all.


What if you knew what to do before you started your private practice to ensure the success of that practice? What if you had super heroes waiting to help you out along the way?


Many therapists sort of wing it from the time they conceive of starting a private practice. Sure they may get the obvious tasks done like creating a Facebook page, visiting the doctors, taking out a loan, and renting a large space, but they may not get to some very important tasks which actually work to ensure the practice is going to be around for more than a year.


By the way, the obvious tasks I mentioned above often don't make a dimes worth of difference or in the case of taking out a loan and renting a large space may actually bankrupt you.


What if you knew what worked? Would you be compelled to do it? Before you answer yes you might want to listen to what I have to say. Don't blow off these suggestions or pick and choose which ones you want to follow. I am giving you a recipe for success. Change the ingredients and your success pie might come out looking like a pile of goo.


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