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Live by discipline, not by default is what I have on the back of my business card. Discipline is what was instilled in me when I was in the Army.



Business and sports are often looked at as simulated war. There are strategies and tactics. Positioning, training and most of all leadership. Listen in to some military “secrets” that will help you in your private practice.



If you like military flavored podcasts about business and life check out Jocko Podcast.



I mention a commencement speech by a Navy Seals commander. Watch that HERE.

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One of my most favorite things to do is to have one on one strategy sessions with members of The Academy of Private Practice.


Shannon will open her therapy practice within the next 6 months. She agreed to let me share her strategy session with you on this podcast episode.


Be sure to check out the FREE GUIDES that I mention in this podcast.


October 25 – 30 will be open enrollment to the Academy of Private Practice.


After that, enrollment will happen in January – June – September each year.

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Allison Occupational Therapy practice is called My Midwest Therapy. She works mainly in early intervention in the state of Missouri. She started a podcast this year called Milestones.


  • How she started her private practice in early intervention

  • How she marketed her services to those in charge of the early intervention program

  • What the paperwork for early intervention looks like for her

  • How she does EI billing

  • Why she started a podcast called Milestones

  • Who she initially targeted for her podcast and who actually listens

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Telemedicine Telepractice & Teletherapy for Physical, Occupational & Speech Therapy. 

Whatever you call is we cover the rules, tools and how to in this episode. 



Just for you, BlueJay Engage TelePractice is offering

$9.99 per month for the first 3 months

Cancel at any time.

Use Discount Code AB4M at Checkout


Get BlueJay


Click HERE to learn more about BlueJay.

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What happens when three Speech Therapists who each have their own private practice clinics come together and write a “How To” book? You get a really useful tool. The authors share some really great insights about private practice in this episode.


The book is called Putting Your Dreams To Work. Keys To Setting Up Your Therapy Practice. The authors are Adrienne Fuller, Pamela Rowe, and Natasha Carby-Joseph,


This book doesn’t take anything for granted. It explains the most basic set up tasks and goes into marketing and even provides forms that each of the therapists uses in their clinics. Be sure to check out their website and join their Facebook Group

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Menie Pagomenakis is from Greece and spent her high school and college years in New York. She now owns a private practice in Dubai. Listen it to learn how she started her clinic in the United Arab Emirates.


After Menie and I corresponded through email a few times about her private practice I had to get her on the podcast when I learned she was in Dubai. If you have a sense of adventure, Menie shares with us how to find a therapy job in Dubai.


Menie obtained her Speech Communication Disorders degree from Brooklyn College in New York. She also has a degree from Teacher’s College, Columbia University in bilingual education development which allows her to practice as a Greek-English Bilingual Speech Therapist.

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Daneen Grooms, MHSA, is ASHA’s director of health reform analysis and advocacy. Her focus is on advocating for the inclusion of audiologists and speech-language pathologists in health reform initiatives, including alternative payment models.


She is liaison to the Center for Consumer Information & Insurance Oversight and the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation in the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).


This episode is not just for Speech Therapists. Daneen visits with Scott about how current and future healthcare changes are affecting not only therapy but private practice.



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A group of OT students at Huntington University in Fort Wayne, IN contacted me to ask for an interview for a class project they were working on. I really enjoy talking to therapy students and was glad to help out.

The group of students wanted to ask me about my entrepreneurial ventures. I love talking shop and I really enjoyed talking to this great group of students. The future is going to be very bright if there are more like these students in the pipeline.


Here is some of what we cover:

  • How has my education as an OT helped develop my entrepreneur skills

  • How did I get started in private practice

  • How did I grow my practice

  • Why did you start this website and podcast

  • What advice do you have for a new entrepreneur


Here is who was on the call from Huntington University:

  • Meadow Deason, OTDS

  • Madison Deloney, OTDS

  • Carter Maples, OTDS

  • Jane Marshall, OTDS

  • Mary Anderson, OTDS

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Nate Kloosterman was the second therapist to buy my ebook How to Start and Run a Therapy Practice. I was flattered when he contacted me in the early stages of starting his therapy practice to bounce some ideas off of me.


Have a listen and see how Nate has created a brick and mortar PT practice that is holistic in its approach and personal in its service. I really like what he is doing.


Nate is offering a health coaching system as part of his wellness program at his clinic and he is willing to help other therapists implement a turnkey Health Coaching program similar to his. Just email him at


Nate is a family man with great faith and is just an all-around great guy.



Physio Point Therapy – Nate’s practice


OT Potential – Products and resources for OT’s (Check out the cool T-shirts)


ASHA On-line conference: Growing a Thriving Private Practice – Scott is a sponsor


Here is what we cover:

  • His initial expectations of private practice. What he got right and wrong


  • How he transitioned from working for someone else full time to private practice


  • How he markets now to find new patients


  • What’s his competition like


  • What EMR he uses


  • His holistic approach to therapy


  • His other treatment techniques

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